Sweat and Boils

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source url We’re all sweat and boils
sweat and scabs

http://donnaerickson.com/?p=589 scraping with potsherds

The whole thing comes down
while irony and nonchalance

abound around us

The isolation spotlight
hits us hard

Rimbaud said “Patience is the key
to this savage sideshow”

God takes away everything
but Himself

And now standing face to Face
what do we say

Some say Job said “Enough!” But
it’s never enough

until it’s all gone

Our nothingness is the dust
that rises around us

I’m afraid to stand up
dizziness might knock me down

There’s no way
to say this

I must refuse my self
and look for Mercy

5/18/12 (from Down at the Deep End)

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