The Flame of Transformation Turns to Light


I was peeling an apple in the sink round and round listening to a tape
repeating the Name of God
When suddenly the peel went on forever extending past time and space
as if ignited by the flame of God

Past walls and windows – out in the sky – past our planetary horizon
completely –
The apple peel stretched way past even my own existence it seemed
into the frame of God

It was only a moment – I don’t mean to say it lasted as long as it seemed
But the peel went on spiraling under my knife as if in a whimsical game
of God

Dizzy and bewildered for a second or two – holding the end of a mystical
thread –
The peel uncoilingly reached into a mysterious dimension to the eternal
acclaim of God

Mortal body in a material world – Ameen – things aren’t at all what they
Remembering God’s true extra-spatial dimension seems to be a delightful
aim of God!


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