Haiku… George & Osama


“Osama… meet George…
Here’s bread and water to eat
the rest of your days…”

I’m frankly a bit obsessed. The “Islamic Haiku” I’ve been writing for DeenPort are turning decidedly political… and I thought this one might not be appropriate for a website that can be a forum for political views, but is not so dedicated.

Here’s a haiku which is the result of a deep frustration… and the scenario is of course that these two “contenders” who are now more or less mirror images of each other, are left, say, on a desert island with just themselves (though I’d throw in a few more to liven it up a bit, Cheney, Zarqawi… is he still dead?, etc. to make it a real Lord of the Flies ), and let them work it out between them, and may the best devil win.

This could start a new genre, if not in haiku (there’s no seasonal reference here, no turning at the end to a kind of burst of epiphany), at least in the knock-knock joke department.

Here’s another one:

“Osama… meet George…
This melting iceberg your home…
Oh… and polar bears!”

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