Love’s Pebbles Thrown


One day Love came to town to see if he’d
missed anyone

There was a river he swam to refresh himself

New duck hatchlings in a nest under a grassy bank
needed their natural focus reinforced to the motherly
gratitude of their dam

On the way into town he whistled a new tune
and a farmer boy swooned
and three snakes slithered ecstatically into the ground

Colts got love up their nostrils and moist along their flanks
and galloped over hills until the
sun went down

Even little flames in an oven leapt for joy
and made the bread loaves arranged on their shelves
perfectly brown as if reflecting the sun

Which was high overhead when Love got to town

Three on a road out of town came sauntering conversely along
one to go to school one to kill himself unbeknownst to
the others and one to return home before sundown

They met love on the road conversely going into town
and only the suicide recognized him by the
intensity of the gleam in his eye as if the
whole arctic tundra was wide open with aurora borealis
curtains of rose-colored lights shaking like dancers
over its glittering ice
and his heart melted at the sight

Love left them and went on into town

An anchorite in a cave remembered
the essence of his vows and sang a song

A couple in the hills lay back in wet grass
and inhaled each other’s long sighs
having just encompassed heaven’s paradisiacal throng

A fox bit down on a chicken leg after a week of
hunger and wept for joy inside loud and long

The day entered the golden tunnel of its afternoon

No stone was left unturned

No grass blade failed to shiver in Love’s updraft

And all perfections were as if brought into a
jeweler’s room to be reset and polished to a high sheen
as the sun shone

Love in broad daylight from the depths of night’s Throne

None of Love’s pebbles from their own places on earth
left unthrown

5/25/2005 (from Holiday from the Perfect Crime

Categories: Poems