Somewhere in the Remote Arctic


Somewhere in the remote arctic there’s a
vast sea of oval glaciers each set as if
in ivory and extending across the
expanse as if providing steppingstones for God

over black water

from the Inconceivable to the Incontrovertible
as He in an inscrutable mechanism proceeds on
His endless rounds through the

known and unknown universe indefatigably
assisting and peeling back and revealing the
core and manifesting it then concealing it back inside
its rippling golden sheath across each
edgeless horizon as if it were the sun but it is
not the sun it’s a seed the size of the sun

inside our hearts

worshipping within its own solar heaven

and melting each manifestation back again
into its reflecting pool like amber honey

over which he bends His Face

as the dream shatters

(from Stories too Fiery to Sing/Too Watery to Whisper)

Categories: Poems