2 Poems from The Music Space



A very pretty symphony played on only the
blue notes

watery streams in between
with enough grandeur to go around and for

everyone to walk around in comfortably
encapsulating and even embodying

the sound that grows between the
grassblades in that furtive vertical space where

bison herds have disappeared between the
greenest sheathes and

angels’ faces flash and fade
but float forward in turquoise cloud for just

long enough for the music to be heard


Music of a small shredder
music of a giant turbine mulching logs
music of a spoon hitting the edge of a salad bowl as it serves
these musics that a million birds might make

Music of her speech upstairs on the telephone to our son
wisps of airy melodious nothingness of the water heater’s pilot light
or the watery flush moving through metal pipes in the house somewhere
distant tunes a few streets away music

Undulant airwaves of different decibels but actually at-this-moment inaudible music
music of the heart speaking nothing but the truth
awful cacophony of untruths like the social Muzak that accompanies us
up elevator down

High clear notes from earth’s horizon to the clouds
the behind-all-things visible to the majestic music of the invisible
the ah! waterfalls of sound there unceasingly sonorous gushing

Music of the unmanifest real world to which
the tinkles of laughter and sawing of groans in this world are only
echoes just as images of blood and guts and smiling
faces are only faint and fuzzy imaginings compared with the

actual high-pillar’d court and gorgeously rolling green hills and
cliffs of that world which is the true source of

this one we so blindly wander down
attracted by a sound a trumpet a sweet voice
looking for an open door

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