Mouse Feet


Teeny-tiny mouse feet run along my ceiling
in rapidly fluttery pitty-pats

God’s dimension is so vast all the
ticking clocks face sideways

There’s a sound in the universe so pure
only one of us can hear it

Way at the end there
that silhouette of someone
standing against the moon

When you lift pen to paper
the savannah floods with light

If we’re only visiting for a short time
will our echoes elongate behind us?

There’s a shack blown down by the wind
all its nails shrieking

When the scrolls are unrolled
everything will come clear

Will we be there?

(There go those mouse feet again above me

Is he in such a hurry
to find my mousetrap?

If he pokes far enough in
he won’t be able to get out

I let them loose in the woods
at the end of our street

Little tiny creatures
with delicate finger-and-toe nailed feet

1/30/2008 (from The Fire Eater’s Lunchbreak)

Categories: Poems