The Only Real Life

The only real life is the soul life
say what you will

The only real world is the next world
we’ll soon know

The bicycles of the sky disperse into
cloudy drifts

their spokes farther and farther apart

The famous hills and dales of
the earth fall and rise rise and


throwing up snowmen and fire demons
in their congenial upheavals

Once one footing’s established
the rug is pulled the bridge

cranked to the side into shadow

The only true sun is not this sun
blazing contentedly though it

warm vegetation to feed and clothe us
season after season

Past the blues and greens
other blues and greens more

vividly ablaze await us

And the cool drink that allays our
thirst complete and is passed around

God’s pin drops to earth through the sky
and lands point first

exactly where we are
moving or still

and the pinprick and the ache
are His glory in its purest form

4/22/08 (from The Fire Eater’s Lunchbreak)

Categories: Poems