Optical illusions abound in the optical field
aural illusions abound in the

sound realm

That waterfall you hear is just
someone walking toward you

That wall rising up and that sky falling down is
just your own eyelids closing seen

from inside

The world evaporates and reappears
inside a fish tank

entwined in goldfish grass

Our loved ones also undergo illusory

sometimes as fleet horses leaping turnstiles in
synchronized equine unison

other times as lone silhouettes in a white
paper moonlight sitting under a gnarly

black tree

Our own souls color what we see
and what we see when we see

is our own souls

To get out of the way to see what
God sees isn’t for every ant and gorgon to

accomplish in one lifetime but it’s a
commendable goal

and worth every once of our

That window opening onto that

snow crystal hillside with the
slanted birches on it rising

all the way into heaven

That white rabbit there between them
leaving whiteness and

entering it again

whiter than

10/21/2008 (from Sparks Off the Main Strike)

Categories: Poems