Soap Bubble

A soap bubble the size of space itself
slid over space but no one

noticed the difference

The iridescences seemed sharper
that’s all

The music of the spheres slid in on all
our audio frequencies replacing the

musics we listen to and except for the
angelic coefficient now a

billion times more powerful no one
noticed the difference

The presence of a benevolent presence
nearer to everybody than their own

selves slid in behind everyone’s self
and said and did things in

various harmonious fashions listening to
our own voices and hearing divine

nuances and because it was so
utterly and seamlessly complete

no one noticed the difference

No one noticed the difference when instead of
sun and moon we saw a fiery sea of

God’s ocular energy flaring across space in
leonine leaps reflected in the still face of

mirror-like receptivity and silvery
baths of a sweet illumination that gives our

nights the lamp we need enough to
approach God’s most intimate precincts

And space itself as glistening as a
soap bubble and music that of

distant planetary places and our

own selves now totally transformed and yet
by Merciful Compassion exactly like

ourselves at this very moment though less
violent and bad tempered and

just as miraculous

5/27/2009 (from Sparks Off the Main Strike)

Categories: Poems