Enter Me Into the Great Adventure


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Enter me into the great adventure

Don’t let the Tygers of Wrath
pounce at the inception but

lurk at the sidelines behind
banana leaves the size of continents

waving in a wind as great as an
eyelash blink that fans the

cosmic spaces

Each step a plunder of the invisible
each departure a leaving of treasure behind

for the inestimable treasure ahead
Pearl of Great Price

haunted already by what we’ve
never seen

carrying the shadow that will be
cast down at the

death of our minor being to the

allowance through its empty gateway of Your
greater Light

O Thee to Whom we turn without
turning but Who by true turning we would

return to Thee


The train left off all its passengers
and went on by itself

The fire consumed the village mountainside
and then consumed itself

The sky beamed down above the lake
then gazed a long time at itself

Eagles hovered for a while in the air
then flew within themselves with giant

wing-flaps toward the heavenly light
that shone only for itself

We stand up for a time then
lie down in ourselves without leaving or

not leaving behind the list of our
duties to be fulfilled by everyone but


The day pulls itself over itself and
reveals stars beaming by themselves

though space that is

where nothing but itself exists
to contemplate itself


How honest can we be
when everything’s melting instantly?

We contemplate our features in a glass
and it too melts away into the past

The river washes all its suds around our feet
whose every crescent of its ripples can’t repeat

The sun bends down upon our bending forms
whose only beckoning comes from earthworms

The sky fills with incredulous white light
that convinces us that everything’s all right

and it is in every cranny of our lives
where zebras leap and honeybees keep hives

where lions snooze with muzzles on their paws
and everything’s fulfilled by its own laws

created by the Lawgiver Supreme
whose proof exists in a single eyebeam

cast on the melting world before it melts
and leaves behind the mystery of its wealth

where nothing else is at all by God
whose nothing else was Him all along



He is He

and none other is He

but He

And He is


11/14/11 (from The Match That Becomes a Conflagration)

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