Soul Questions

Do the soul’s arms hang
down at its sides?

Do the soul’s legs
extend down from its hips?

Do the soul’s eyes
float above sea level?

Do they see to the ends of
creation and scan the great

globe of its ethereal atmospheres?

Does the soul’s nourishment
enter the mouth and circulate

among its delicious caverns?

Are the soul’s lengths and
breadths and widths the

whole sky’s peak and oceans’

Are the creatures of the soul as
familiar with us as

we are with ourselves?

Do the cries of the soul
reverberate inside God’s Throne

and come back merciful music?

Does the rain of the soul
wet grasses and delicate

tips of cypress trees?

Is the soul in the shadow of a
doorway and

sunlight along a fence?

Eyes of the soul meet
eyes of the one soul

and do they fill with
tears of recognition and

uttermost familiarity?

Does the soul go
out across expanse

and continue in endlessness?

Does the soul’s heart beat with the
same heartbeat our

bodies have harbored since before we were

Or is the soul’s heartbeat now
God’s heartbeat

that is no heartbeat we can know?

Will we see the wasteland below us
and the Glad Land before us?

Is air the skin of the soul
and Light its soul

recalling it back to itself
to send out its pulse

where we have never
gone before?

Eyes open wide
the soul’s deep inner abode

its alive abiding?

6/9/12 (from Down at the Deep End)

Categories: Poems, Cancer Treatment