Leave the World Alone

peaceable kingdom

Sumptuous Juggler God Coy Beloved
Elusive Letter-writer from a distant land

beyond moonbeams and tides though You
send them to us enwrapped and encoded

in message bottles of their outer crusts
we must crack to comprehend or at least

hold up to ears like shells to hear Your
Voice resounding in a coral coil to the

infinitely minute central spiral whose nub is a
miracle dot from which the whole unfolds

again and again before us comprehensible
incomprehensible in dots and dashes

or among saintly ones in full flashes of
stupendous Light in a circular

cosmos of sun and moon and planetary
pastures filled with the Kingdom of the Animals

from which we rise enraptured of Your
Perfect Face —

we fast for You
and leave the world alone

8/4/2011  4 Ramadan (from Ramadan is Burnished Sunlight)

Categories: Poems, Saints / Awliyya, Fasting