Eternity is in love with the productions of time
                                    — William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


Sad alabasters and perky
peacock feathers turn to

rust in our hands

Wave our hands across their smeared
faces and see angelic glances through

silver eyes

No one will see you when you
disappear from sight

yet you persist in existence
greater than before

rung around with neon rings and
sounds of glass like trembling waters

Don’t rush things ancient ones
let one foot fall behind

the other on the mountain passes
and fresh sunlight warm you

as dust filters through our fingers
each flake calling out our name as it

drifts backwards in the air


and a sweet nothingness

God willing when it happens
we’ll still be there



Bright splinter! Do you
always seek behind appearances?

Are you dark metal under the smoke?
Sharp glare behind a smile

We scan you to be our torchlight here
every spider corner revealed

every turn disclosed

Why have I only seen you now?
Is it the meltdown of the snow?

Is it the Great Dissolve?



Eternity shimmers in the room among the
bright solid furniture that is the

furniture of Eternity the bookcases and lamps
the bed I wake from and the

sound of the silence here that is its
child swirling ocean of time

washing us in its blessings in constant
motion of cylinder within cylinder of

intangible turning invisible to the touch
in which we age minute by minute

inwardly forward but motionless in
Eternity impossible to calculate except in

angelic terms whose bright silver
dazzles the mind beyond its usual

earthly limitations whose walls and
doors and streets and skies are

sweetly blasted apart by the dimensions of
Eternity and we

live in it unbeknownst to us else we’d
faint at the pure nothingness we are

and God’s Magnificence always facing us
beyond even Eternity’s confines and paltry

measurements to show us anything but His
resplendent Face in absolutely

everything that is in its instant of being
the Living One from end to end and all

height and depth possible to what
has no existence except in Him

alone Light upon Light right in
front of us and within us

shimmering in Eternity
ashimmer in time

11/15 (from Eternity Shimmers Time Holds its Breath)

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