A Little Mouse in a Hole


A little mouse in a hole in the house
sings to the moon with the

sweetest of squeaks

Crows can only caw but caw they do
as they fly into the sky’s maw then

into trees for their morning Conferences of the Birds
squawking and cawing for all they’re worth

The giraffe it’s said also vocalizes but at
decibels so high or so low (I can’t recall)

humans can’t hear with the naked ear

Stars also sing in perfect
pitch though of strange keys

and peculiar harmonies you’d maybe
have to be in a front row seat among star debris

to correctly hear
and then you might find angels and

space-demons also leaning in to listen

Light and sound and space and the
creatures who dwell therein…

What a thrilling ensemble we all are
singing to our deity in the

best harmony hoping to be heard the way
we’ve been created to sound

in light and space
while we go through our


9/25/09 (from The Throne Perpendicular to All that is Horizontal)

Categories: Poems