Not a Moment Can Be Lost


Not a moment can be lost in our
meticulous attention to God

His shadow cast against the corrugated glass
before us

The ripple effect of light and dark
through which we can distinguish His turnings

And their diminishment
and their increase

We are not out of earshot nor eyesight
but how could we commonly apprehend

that which has made our apparatus of apprehension?
Though truly by that He is known

But the distant roar of His flood and its
capping His avalanche and its cessation in midair

His heave of billion against billion and
then the utter placidity that extends from

here to there in the ancient aftermath
of the moment right before us

whose characteristics are a near silhouette
going back to Himself Alone aligned with ourselves alone

are that which warrants such meticulous attention
like a heart ringed around with ruthless pirates

but who sends a virgin of light across
as a bridge to their sweet undefilement

8/21/07 (from The Sound of Geese Over the House)

Categories: Poems