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There are among us luminous beings who maintain that what we might taste of the Garden of Paradise and what we might suffer of the Fire of Hell is right here in our present earthly and mortal existence as well. The imaginal truth of the Spiritual Path that points to the Next World after death is perhaps indisputable (however some might vigorously dispute it) but our lives, upon reflection, sometimes thrown overboard and barely making it to shore, sometimes buoyed up very high and slammed down very low and hard, are a living proof of the this-world tasting of the Next World experience. . .

Poem Selection from Next Life

From a Particular Height

horse and sugar

From a particular height
a stone bird is sought

From another altitude
silk rain’s beseeched

From yet another more daring
God’s outline in the dark

His perspective from a peak
over all the world

The heart like a pinnacle
scaled in a blink

blind the outer eye
the inner eye opened

The journey entailing
a wholehearted silence

the iciness warmed
by the charge of our blood

We come back with nothing
and no words to say it

more precious than all the
things we can name

all radiance captured
in uncapturable space

the subtlest lineaments
of His indescribable Face

A door opened quietly
the whole room dissolved

The house dark at last
and everyone sleeping

The whisper that lights up
the five known worlds

This and the next
and the three realms between

Mulk Malakut Jabarut
at the tips of our heartbeats

vision soft as a feather
enfolding the moon

We sit very still
and it all comes inside us

The altitudes turned
into generous gestures

Open hand for the horses
to nibble sugar in bliss

in the barn where the owl sits
as darkness comes down

Take from the silence
what words you can

Add your silence and they rise
to their proper dimensions

From a particular height
where a stone bird is sought

from another altitude
where silk rain’s beseeched

and from another more daring
God’s outline in the dark

His perspective from a peak
over all the worlds

12/30/13 (from Next Life)

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