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Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...

Saintly Places

We need to stand in saintly places the way our body needs food to not topple over We need to go there and find nearness there even just a rude rock-strewn place where something saintly took place or is taking … Continue reading

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A LITTLE RAMSHACKLE SHACK PART 1 A little ramshackle shack on a hill blown apart by the wind door roof and walls lofted aloft and sent flying no weightier than paper upon which is casually written a name twists in … Continue reading

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World Split Apart

  The façade of a building falls away and reveals a man praying A bakery loses its show-window showing a hundred weddings who’ll have to wait in the next world for their cakes An Orthodox cathedral split in two revealing … Continue reading

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Extend Your Shadow

  If you haven’t been parted from what you truly love then foot cannot follow foot nor heart follow heart Beasts born in the wild have the wild to bring them to their higher education How can we see what … Continue reading

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Poem: All the Dead Children

Angels are learning new tricks to entertain all the dead children just bringing them to a quiet place used to be enough blue panels sonorous as cool winds rising to infinite heights and luminous rivers tasting of fresh milk and … Continue reading

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Poem: Splendid Excitement of the Coming Day

  Splendid excitement of the coming day! Palaces might await us filled with the tangiest grapes down esplanades of golden cypresses behind walls we can barely see over at dawn for the height of their occasional distractions But melodious lute … Continue reading

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Four Corners of the Universe

    The four corners of the universe can be seen as a little room deep inside the universe with planetary motions out each window as we sit in the center of the room fasting or eating A giant phoenix … Continue reading

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