Anti-ISIS: On the Muslim Imposters



allahumma salli ala sayyedina Muhammad wa ala alihi sayyedina Muhammad

We are living in overwhelming times. This is our present history. The world is going through unthinkable upheavals. People are pouring out of their own countries with nothing but the most basic bundles of their lives. Brutal psychopaths practicing a parody of Islam in a blasphemously misguided manner are destroying places and people with total ignorance and impunity. Studious and faithful to their satanic version, an extension of evil Wahhabism, they pound the earth like monsters, destroying everything decent in their path, their carnage meant to convince us of their truthfulness, cutting a swath of blood on a road they have no idea leads them directly to the Fire.

What we can do is emphasize the beauty of Islam, the love and mercy and compassion of Islam, following the most perfect of prophets, salallahu alayhi wa sallam, to whom these people of Dark-Arts fanaticism show none of his beloved qualities. We honor and love God’s saints, the awliyya and rightly guided ulama, and venerate their last resting places the psychopathic quasi-Muslims are intent on desecrating. We honor the past and its monuments the psychopathic quasi-Muslims are intent on erasing to make way for their Fascist interpretation of Islam. Know that if they were to burst through our doors and find us in the midst of our celebration of the Way of Peace, we’d be their immediate victims, and they’d no doubt kill us on the spot. We should be happy to be these people, and not those people, whomever they may be. Let us be even more earnest in the anti-ISIS Islam of our true and more golden world. Allah ta-ala knows each of His creations down to each of our cores, to the innermost of our souls. And most importantly, He takes account of each of our breaths and heartbeats, knows whom we truly worship, and knows the outcome of each one of us.

The depth of our sincerity and devotion will be our army of spirit against their rage and bloody infantilism, their ghastly play-acting. This will be our Anti-Isis. Physical forces greater than ours will insha’Allah defeat them. Our hearts are one with their victims in love. And as for the already condemned perpetrators, we pray that the truth of their God-given consciousnesses will dawn on them in belief and right practice, before the die is cast and their doom is sealed. And may the innocent at their hands be spared, and the preciousness of living Islam be preserved. Amen.

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