Due Measure


Each world falls away to show another

Behind a field of trillion stars dimensions unfold and
in a pinhole more gigantic whose adjective is so
inadequate because gigantic is for polar bears or
canyons while this is

a sideless box no top no bottom in which everything we
see and are
all our planetary and constellational vastness and
complexity the whole known or speculatively known
universe is the size of the hair-tip on a gnat crawling across
a suspended tightrope thread
all deep space original Big Bang coagulations and
spin-offs gorgeous golden Spiral Galaxies and Cats Paw Whirlpool
Bracelet twinklies insinuating worlds of infinite complexity
fit inside this miniscule hair-end wobbling along on this
tiny gnat inside this huge box that is no box in a vaster no place
that is not a no place but we have no possible

word for it and The Merciful is the Lord of all these
worlds contained within the heart of the believer

I’m almost incapacitated at the thought and
float out among them freefall in
perfect orbits of His Grace with

nothing more to say

the hair-tip cosmos into another even tinier hair-tip

within each time another even vaster cosmic box that is

no box at all that falls away to show

another beyond beyondness more deeply

silent even than deepest silence is

3/20/2004 (from Mars & Beyond)

Categories: Poems, Visionary Nature