Ghazal (from The Flame of Transformation Turns to Light)



The rain’s coming down outside my window – leaky pipes – a background
monotone –
Raven the black cat on deep burgundy bedspread – green eyes blazing in pure
round monotone –

The world’s assembled in a cunning way to appear real to us –
If we saw it in its true dimensions we might feel a real profound monotone

What delight in a squirrel rooting for seeds among tall grasses –
Birds at the feeder trilling their variable compound monotone!

My heart wants to explode half the time and ignite into a sparkling flare –
Sometimes taking great self-control to keep it at an underground monotone

Gates of sparkling golden roses open at a single breath –
Especially if accompanied by the low heartbeat’s homebound monotone

Underneath the surfaces of things and way behind appearances
A light shines against a screen of butterflies whose wings make a spellbound monotone

I sit at the feet of lions – ameen repeated over and over in their leonine purring –
And in the living roar of God’s Majesty’s long astounding monotone

6/16/2002 (from The Flame of Transformation Turns to Light)

Categories: Poems