Where the Greatest Wisdom Is

pewter dish

Where the greatest wisdom is
is a pewter dish in a

room filled with light

at the base of a chasm of basalt
and the sun tilted on top

like a purple feather in flames

How do you get there
except on your own speed

and with silence at your lips
and boundaries falling away

in your heart

who has had the rigorous
training of stallions

and the motherly compassion
of mares

whose tongues lick off the
afterbirth to let the

light out?

How do we get there
except by the bricked up door of

God’s Grace when
He decides to make its bricks


and the road traveled to be the
very place of its manifestation

His touch all over you
His taste in your mouth?

5/11/13 (from The Soul’s Home)

Categories: Poems, Love