New Islamic Haiku & Commentary


America now
has its own “burning Bush,” so
will prophets prevail?

Are we witnessing Allah’s Justice come round, with our hell-bent government leaders systematically flaming out, one by one?  Are we seeing the papered-over arrogance and incompetence coming apart before our eyes, the nakedness of the emperor finally in full spotlight… (as Allah says, He’s able to penetrate the secrets hidden even within the center of a rock?)  America’s own Bush’s apparent asbestos now slowly flaking away?  Our prayers answered for the light of justice and heart and mind’s reason to win the day?  And will that prophetic light (in reality already prevailing before and after and even during the worst quotidian events) take precedence?  Neither do we take the world as frivolous play, nor as tragically ultimate, holding only to Allah and His Prophet, peace be upon him.  But time is catching up with the rogues in power, and the sound of crackling, at last, seems to be becoming more articulate.

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