His Reality in All Things

(Note: Sincere and true love of the Prophet, peace of Allah be upon him, and prayers upon him, cures our ills… and saves the ‘umma from its own undoing, insha’Allah…)

Each fiber and entwined filament of the universe
originates in his light and culminates
in the fully lit person on earth of the Prophet Muhammad

Each energy roaring or silent through all created things
has his noble face and
streams naked through space repeating his blessed name

Each atom in our beings from here to Timbuktu
falls into place within the
bliss of his consciousness and is enlivened there

The very air vibrates with his remembrance
and longs to return to his initial starting place in a
circle that has no end or beginning

Each sea wave faces his face and
shouts for joy in the shush of its whisperings

The high pitched sound that thrums through the
world is his pure heartbeat resounding

Known or unbeknownst to us
there’s always perfect recognition of Ahmad
the beloved one
in each encounter and departure of ours

world without end


(from Invention of the Wheel)

Categories: Poems, The Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa sallam), Ramadan / 'Eid