O sharp wind
(turning corners ruffling hair)
you’ve traveled from so far to get here
whipped water into waves enhancing the
work of the deep machinery of churning currents
blown coats equally of diplomats and dipsomaniacs
sculpted the outlines of elephants and ants (who miraculously
hold to the ground till you pass)
your invisible gunshots blowing holes and flinging debris
loosening roofs and rattling windows
chasing hats and newspapers then suddenly
dropping them at the feet of strangers
whistling and warbling singing a single note with
multiple modulations both sound and no sound
yet almost decipherable words formed in
breathy enunciation messages from distant
planetary corners to the bristling cheeks and closing eyes of these
passersby attempting to walk through you
hearing but not heeding your words

4/12/2001 (from The Music Space)

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Categories: Poems