Out of a Drip a Whole World


Out of a drip a whole world comes floating into view
like creatures in an aquarium the
glare of the glass blinding us gargantuan and
minute things crawl through the water
whole islands of life ringed by coral reefs and atolls
from a tiny drop no bigger than the tear that’s
sliding from your eyes of
grief or gladness the emotional engine that
moves the world into existence from deep
darkness to this curiously visible
remnant of a Paradise too soon wavering to us its
fond memories of pale lagoons and purple
skies its delicacies of sight and sound these
bands of light and waves of distant
mockingbird arias remind us of
the utterance God made to us itself the
flora and fauna of our primordial state
His Words the green ferns whose fronds are the
vegetative lexicon we read to remind us of that
generous spray of drops on our foreheads each
drop of which is in itself a

4/13/2001 (from The Music Space)

Categories: Poems