There’s No Comfort in This World


There’s no comfort in this world
says the bear to the rabbit cornered by the
fox caught in the
cross-hairs of a Remington semi-automatic

The ripe walnut spends more breaths on grief
says the rabbit without breaking a sweat

Large waters large waters large waters
says the fox licking his lips

I’ve got him!”
says the rifleman as the aneurysm starts its attack from a
blood clot in his leg

Why do fat people laugh more than skinny people?”
says the aneurysm as a laser beam from
God’s Throne stops it in its tracks

The rifleman thinks of his mother and her
deathbed wish and the tears in her eyes
and her last diary entry
and drops his gun

The fox gets distracted by a butterfly and lopes off on the
trail of a pungent odor of fresh pheasant
though it’s all in his mind

The rabbit twitches pink nose and white ears
puts paws back on earth and hops off
tail wiggling looking for lunch

The bear glances around for a second
then calls after the rabbit as it
disappears into the brush

The ice-gates of Mercy melt open in the heart of the moment
and studies his snout in the puddle rain made on the ground
before shambling off into the woods

his stomach growling

9/24/2002 (from Through Rose Colored Glasses)

Categories: Poems