Short Fable of the Three Schooners

The first sailboat out had
nowhere to go but forward

out into pure outness

The light slitted down in louvered
doors that swung open for it to


and enter it did

The second sailboat out saw things
differently and tacked to the

side and so slid along the
light in such a way it

slid out of sight

The third sailboat out lost
sight of the fact of the outing

and its sails fell slack
winds blowing elsewhere to fill

sails that would
respond to the air attack

The first boat and its green crew
sailed on into God’s domain

His own breath pulsing them
onward and onward

in divine Flame

There’s no record of the
other two schooners

They are probably goners

May God grant them honors

5/13/12 (from Down at the Deep End)

Categories: Poems