One More Word

How can we add one more word to it
one more syllable one more

breath to what is already at its
peak of perfection its absolute facets of

the entire crystal reflecting everything
perfectly with no extra membrane

even one smudge of murkiness or
shadow even one throat-clearing

pause of doubt it’s so airtight and so
completely expressed the trillions of

gazillions of perfect bees aswarm or
inspecting the insides of flowers

and the quadrazillions of flowers themselves on
their nocturnal hillsides also

holding their breath so perfectly
there in their thereness each

petal-tip perfect
each movement on earth the

size of Gibraltar in a seismic seizure
of even one nano-micro-meter of

shift ever so slightly also affecting
nothing so much as the totally endearing

nothingness that is
within which in silence we

call out to Allah lips unable to actually
add one more word to it in its

monumental simplicity that inadequate
word of which is also actually

too much it’s all simply

1/11/2008 (from The Fire Eater’s Lunchbreak)

Categories: Poems