Good Cheer Among the Cynics

Good Cheer came and
sat among the cynics

“What evidence do you have?” they asked
putting on snarl cougar masks and

long piggy moose faces

“None that you can see” sang Good Cheer
“though it land on you like a piano”

They sat still as a piano landed on them
proof of their position

even though it was playing a
gorgeous new sonata

“That darkness we see
lays on us like gabardine”
they chanted


“The darkness you see is only
a play of light”
sang back Glee

There’s no end to this drama and the
back and forth between them

and the cynics have convincing
evidence on their side it’s true

but when the dust clears
do you see ruins or new shapes

and can anything God brings be

Even though the angels who bring things
look like they’ve been stung by wasps and

beaten up by psychopaths?

Conceive of a world
through this one

better than this one

Live in it

Stretch out your hand

and decorate it with
fairy lights

for all our own and
your own


5/11 (from Down at the Deep End)

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