I’m More Concerned


I’m more concerned
I’m more concerned he said
of how these next few years
these next few years will affect the small and

perishable things that dare to poke their
poke their heads up through the
permafrost that confronts us all that
confronts the big and small as we

battle against the very inertia that drowned
the unconcerned of Noah’s time of the very old
time of Noah who very
successfully unsuccessfully built the

boat but failed to save his
people who were too busy being unimaginative though all
though all the signs were there for them
to see

the small and brave of us as well as the
big and strong

facing the wall of water
the mile-high wall of water that’s just now on the
brink of cresting and rushing down with all its

absolutely every ounce of its impact wondering what
hit us
as if the earth itself were raised like a
wrecking ball and swung against itself

shattering the continents and splashing the
seas into space like a dog shaking itself

like a dog bounding onto the shore from a cascading
rush of water and
shaking itself dry

2/16/2000 (from Shaking the Quicksilver Pool)

Categories: Poems, Love