Inklings and Glimpses


The inklings and glimpses that we get
of the vast extravagant panorama

The one or two trickles we see of the
colossal waterfall in sun’s glare

The oncoming rush of Divine Presence we may
feel on our cheeks though unseen

Are like a hem of the skirt flashing in a
dark night only a few

spangles catching the starlight
of a dancer who prefers quick

glances to prolonged acquaintance
as the cosmos whistles past us on its

way to an ever-expanding eternity

whose shreds and tiny hairs catch on our
clothes and whose

dimensions from which we’ve come
beckon us to where we’re going

though one breath in the Beloved’s chamber
might draw in a strand of intoxicating perfume

airborne for a split second before
like ourselves

evaporating entirely away

1/23/2009 (from Stretched Out on Amethysts)

Categories: Poems