Hitting Bulls Eye

In memoriam Shaykh Mansur Escudero

Marked from the start as one who would
fly from the taut bowstring and

hit bulls eye
cutting through every air

Who would distribute sweet heartbeats with
every encounter

on Pasha mountainpeak or dustbowl
OK Corral

Closing gaps wherever they appear
and opening them in some places

God-blessed from the start but making no
show of it

in horse-dust rising around us all or
star-silver sprinkling through the trees we

stand among

Both passenger and boatman
oarsman and overseer

Marked from the start by indescribable processes
to stand or sit among us in

pure blessedness
as if leaning from a sublime dimension

into our own

Whose death is more an appearance among us
free of all uncertainty

leaving in us a sense of our own

expanding that dimension
into our own

with an amber glow of interstellar light

showing the path trod
and the goal engraved

Arrow of the straight shot
and the clean arrival

Marked from the start as one who would
sing at the taut bow’s release

across the intervening air
and hit bulls eye

God’s open Eyes
closed around him now

10/16/2010 (from The Caged Bear Spies the Angel)

Categories: Poems, Death