Bars of Martian Light

Mars the thought of Mars within the very idea of Mars itself

Mars draped in cloaks of blue roses

Mars in an inaccessible place looking at herself in an
inhospitable mirror

Mars with a reputation for war in a rusted helmet and a
pockmarked moon satellite in wobbly abeyance

Mars on everyone’s mind since childhood bogeymen
with long necks and tiny heads capable of zapping with one glance

Mars down the road to the right past the burning
barn the rolling black hills under a bright chartreuse sky

What ten-headed animals with multiple feet graze
on the barren surface of Mars?

What hidden technologies beyond basalt and silt
dust-storms and permafrost in the hidden atmosphere the
invisible borealises and subtle visibility shields
of Mars?

Some of us have no doubt been there and found it
mildly strange those who move freely through the
entire universe by their own divine illumination

Mars a little red speck in your right eye here let me help you
and your third eye bright as the
Lighthouse at Alexandria one of the lost Seven Wonders of the
World able to send a laser beam all the way to Mars

Mars Bars!

2/2/2004 (from Mars & Beyond)

Categories: Poems, Visionary Nature