Drunk in Allah


(The reader here is Sidi Ayman Muhammed, from Britain, a graphic designer, rapper and poet)

The drunk in Allah are
free from the roll of the dice

The drunk in Allah swim in the
mercy of His love

The drunk in Allah take both
roads at the fork

(and do so because they’re
drunk in Allah)

The drunk in Allah eat caviar when they
eat dry biscuits

drink the best vintage wine when they
sip water

They’re here hobnobbing with ants and
butterflies and converse at length with

the spider in her web

The drunk in Allah would never let on
they’re drunk in Allah unless they’re

drunk in Allah

They enter a hospital and come out
shaking like an invalid

enter an old people’s home and come out
the death of all of them

enter an orchestra and come out the
whistle on a garbage barge heading into

gray waters

The drunk in Allah have
one thing in mind put there

by Allah

Having given up themselves they’re
brought into sunlight like

washing set out to dry

They don’t do anything on their
own anymore

If a bricklayer hired them the
wall would be done in a flash

or it might take a year
or never

Drunk in Allah

5/3/2010 (from In Constant Incandescence)


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