Signs of Allah

When the tide of the day pulls out and
leaves the night standing on the shore

swallowing the stars

and the moon is nearly halfway to
completing its luminous shell

and the night stretches its arms to
expand as far as the

globe’s curvature will allow
with the sun’s spotlight lighting up where

night is not and the night
darkening to the hazy line between them

and we take all this into our
bodies with the daytime fast

are we not now inhabiting a space that is
neither exactly terrestrial nor celestial

but by the decree of prophetic consciousness
participating as we might otherwise not

in the in and out breathing of Allah’s most
essential creating?

We see the signs of Allah on the
horizons of heaven and earth

and they are


8/14/11  14 Ramadan (from Ramadan is Burnished Sunlight)

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