The Spider’s Break-Fast



The small brown spider in my bathroom
(honored guest whose

protection is assured)
after more than two weeks of patient waiting

finally got a large tasty black fly-like
bug this morning in her

helter-skelter-looking web (to
me at least) linked to a retracting

mirror and the wall near a
nightlight I keep on so she perhaps

likes the dim glow and mild heat

And all through the night she spent
wrapping and sucking out the

goodness and turning and turning the trapped
big bug around in her legs

and this morning at dawn as well she was
still rotating it in her

spidery fashion but when I
peered at her just now past noon

no trace of bug remained (pitiful
remnants on the floor below?) but my

lady spider’s abdomen bulges elegantly
round so she’s no doubt now

dreaming away and digesting her
sweet feast in whatever consciousness a

spider has or needs and is probably
sated enough for now to await the

next morsel as patiently as she

8/18/11  18 Ramadan (from Ramadan is Burnished Sunlight)

Categories: Poems, Ramadan / 'Eid