Pinpoint and Compass Point


A pinpoint and a compass point
a bismin and a galaxy

What do they have in common?

A cloud in the sky and a thought passing
through our heads with maybe even

more wind behind it

A single wave in the sea folding over and
under the great watery vastness and our

lives deeper than even the
darkest depths of its phosphorescent


with even more dazzling cosmos in them to all its
farthest reaches and most

specifically particular details though we

continue on past cosmos after all to where both
the edges and the actual edgelessness of this gorgeous

spectral universe no longer matter

and leaves the size of planets wave in
other-than-planetary breezes and rivers of a

water so sweet and fine flow to that
disappearing ocean of our mortality that

empties into even greater
waters of immortality as

defined by the promised sent Prophet to us
from The Sender of all prophets and

inspirations through time and to all
humankind out of time linking

pinpoints and counterpoints
compass points and bismins

sunrises and twilight
freedom from tyrants

and bright green skies that link these
worlds above all

in God’s most shiny and most
beauteous reflection of His

most Majestic

8/22/11  22 Ramadan (from Ramadan is Burnished Sunlight)
(bismin=in the Name of Allah)

Categories: Poems, The Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa sallam), Ramadan / 'Eid, Fasting