Sphere of Light


Waiting fifteen minutes to Fajr Prayer
just this side of the

end of the world
kaleidoscoping inward toward us all

escalators and fiery stairways
plummeting through purple smoke totally

overpopulated each step with
people fleeing what’s all around and

inside us
except for occasional beings floating in

huge translucent spheres of a golden
light whose eyelids flutter slightly

at each explosion but whose
heartbeats are even louder than each

explosion and somehow
soothing in the smoke-blacked air

to everyone on their way upward
step by step out of the crumbling chaos

Buildings and mountains become
dissolving dancers in Allah’s perfect


in this perfectly silent room
at the starting point of Fajr

in Allah’s perfectly executed fluttering
choreography each instant

in this sphere of light
we are all in

12/24/13 (from Eternity Shimmers Time Holds its Breath )

Categories: Poems, Saints / Awliyya