The Repetitions of Saints


In the Name of Allah, The All Merciful, The All Compassionate



The repetitions of saints flow through every
leaf and glisten hanging by threads from

branches of Divine Breath interwoven

in the universe’s big starry basket tilted in His
burning Glance and suspended by His

cool ocular steadiness throughout time to tip out
lively bubbles of intensest Grace in

which we live and that live in us for
all time to come as we

slide through the billion worlds by the pulse of those
repetitions heartbeat by heartbeat in the

saints’ huge bodies
thinner than a hair

held aloft for a nanosecond
in the air

I sit near the saint’s empty bed in his
green room where so many angels make for

barely enough elbow-space so
tightly packed angelic

elbow to elbow and
wing to incandescent wing

and everything’s become a giant ear
on a wave rising perceptibly entrance-ward

to God’s perfect everywhere

8/26/2011 26 Ramadan (from Ramadan is Burnished Sunlight)


Categories: Spiritual Teachers, Saints / Awliyya