Transitioning to Zero £15.00

In this, Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore’s penultimate collection of poems, the eye for fantastical details and divine insights that he spent four decades honing is crystallised to a sparkling clarity. Through the poet’s ecstatic voice, the reader is taken on an odyssey through Bedouin cities, peach markets and Paradisical glimpses of the Amazon, infused with lights from Nature: ponds, orchids, ant-hills and cascades, and peopled by frogs, marsupials and mythical beasts.

Yet as always, Moore finds reason in these to praise and love Allah, the God of Nature, and of all, each thread vibrating with God’s Love. Moore’s Sufi poetry in American vernacular stands alone as a pioneering effort to explore Islamic spirituality as a 20th-21st Century American Muslim.

“To read Moore is to journey. Going with him we ask, ‘Where are we? What world? What America? Who is a Muslim? Who am I?'” – Alan Godlas, University of Georgia

Poem Selection from Transitioning to Zero


Show me the Road to

so many fine folk are
on it

Show me the All-Night Diner of

right on that road

a riotous brisk business
twenty-four seven

They serve hot meals
right out of the


cold meals from a
refrigerator’s steam

Show me the Road of

starting the steep incline

a life well-lived and
ultimately hallowed

bathed in direct

where the sky
rips itself open

and covers its
travelers like bark

against the elements
closing the open end

around the starry configurations

whose beams inspire
the sweetest declarations

and the profoundest


12/26/2016 (from TRANSITIONING TO ZERO)

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