Mawlid in New Brunswick, NJ, this past Friday, alhamdulillah…


Here’s a video snippet of the singing during the New Brunswick Mawlid I participated in. I’m the left hand corner squinting at the text… the singing was so reminiscent of mawlids in Morocco due to the fine leadership of Shadee Elmasry (in white burnoose), head of the Center there… It’s not the best fidelity nor the most ecstatic moment… but a taste… with a few hundred folk out of camera shot…

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Poet, artist, collagist, publisher, hoping to save a little bit of the world through ecstatic utterance... ordered in balanced lines and unpremeditated images...
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4 Responses to Mawlid in New Brunswick, NJ, this past Friday, alhamdulillah…

  1. Faizah says:

    Salam alaikum Dear Sidi Abdal Hayy, thank you for this beautiful taste. Mawlid gatherings are filled with blessings, and a blessing to see you, Sidi. Love and salams, to you and to Sayyida Malika.

  2. Wa ‘alaikum as-salaam dear Sayyida Faizah:
    Since it’s down the single digit Fahrenheits here in Philadelphia, I greet you there in your “summer’ (no?) with some envy. Hope you had a few mawlids in Australia also, if you are still there… with all love from chilly Philly…

    • Faizah says:

      Salaama Dear Sidi Abdal Hayy,
      ’tis summer here – some very hot days, with some cool rainy days in between, Alhamdulillah gratefully received by us and the flora and fauna of Oz. Thank you Sidi. Love from us all here.

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