Ghazal on the Prophet, peace be upon him


The Prophet Muhammad walked in – his face a moon – his head represented by God’s flame
The room filled with rose-scent – the windows with doves – in our hearts we scented God’s flame

How on earth did a man like this come among us? How beloved of Allah – how kind!
All who saw him as nothing but a mad relative became demented by God’s flame

The world was reversed by him – inside became outside – outside became in –
Each word came from Truth’s conflagration – descended by God’s flame

It burned up this old world and replaced it with a pure one –
Both world and self entering purifying fire – even if resenting God’s flame

His touch was sure – his tread so light – his smile creation’s first morning on earth –
In his eyes was inexpressible perfection – augmented by God’s flame

His voice pronounced words spaced like individual pearls on a string –
We hear them as clearly today – as though aged and fermented by God’s flame

A star straight above him in the Unseen points him out wherever he goes –
Allah’s increasing love for him through the centuries – as portended by God’s flame

As the Prophet passes we long for him to stay – to turn to us – bathing in his light –
Allah’s most beloved before anything was even invented by God’s flame

His sweetheart – His intimate – His Messenger – His most cherished creation –
Just hearing his name pours new stars into the sky – supplemented by God’s flame

In a dark smoky corner of the world – as far as China – as near as our jugular vein –
The pulse of the Divine throbs out his name – linked forever with God’s – implemented by God’s flame

This firmament – each lineament – each filament – each element –
Ameen – his graces flow without limit or measurement – documented by God’s flame!

6/20/2002 (from The Flame of Transformation Turns to Light)

Categories: Poems, The Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alayhi wa sallam)