Oh Allah!


A tree in the woods beyond earshot of any cried Oh Allah!
Two bits of star debris in space began to collide – Oh Allah!

A groom pushed back the veil of his bride – Oh Allah!
A murderer paused for a crucial second to decide – Oh Allah!

The pupil of her master saw her heart open wide – Oh Allah!
A flying horse took her for a transcontinental ride – Oh Allah!

A young doctor kneeled by his first dark bedside – Oh Allah!
A baby opened its eyes for the first time but was cross-eyed – Oh Allah!

The goose at the head of the formation began to glide – Oh Allah!
The Prophet Muhammad is our most perfect guide – Oh Allah!

Bonnie for a moment took a long look at Clyde – Oh Allah!
Sacco and Vanzetti didn’t quicken their stride – Oh Allah!

Orca the whale showed its enormous backside – Oh Allah!
The drowning sailor smiled and scrambled astride – Oh Allah!

Cells deep in the essence of matter began to divide – Oh Allah!
A world with its own slow solar system turns inside – Oh Allah!

A pirate ship with chests of rubies pulled alongside – Oh Allah!
Two mountaineers clung to the rocks of a mountainside – Oh Allah!

Ameen – this could go on – not only here but worldwide – Oh Allah!
But I’ll stop – awed now and gratefully wide-eyed – Oh Allah!

6/22/2002 (from The Flame of Transformation Turns to Light)

Categories: Poems