Invention of the Camel

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The invention of the camel was
frosting on the desert’s cake

just as the invention of the whale was
to the oceans which were splendid and

magnificent in themselves but when suddenly
whales moved through them they entered

a higher magnitude altogether

Like clouds in the sky were for the earth shining
naked without them whereas

with their fluffy ermines draped around its
rocky shoulders no ball nor opera opening is too

fancy to keep the earth away

So too by the same token the heart is
a perfect vessel for getting blood from

one side of our bodies to the other but the
placement deep within it of the crystalline

palatial gateway and the

secret door to the treasure cave and the
singing inhabitants of the isle of contentment

as well as the arduous ascent up
vertical spiral stairways to God’s dustless precincts just

one touch away from where we are now

are as whales to their oceans and
camels to their deserts

Perfection placed by the Divine Hand to
complete the intended picture and

bring it to life fully lit from within
breathing His original Breath

12/29/06 (from Invention of the Wheel Poems)

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