Angelic Shoes

The shoemaker saw that
angelic shoes miraculously

surrounded his feet
a perfect fit

The hoop flyer soared up and through
with the greatest of ease

the whole sky

opening its curtains so she could
land on her feet on the

other side in a
sea of clouds

The flautist floated his
breath through his flute and out the

open end
a whole symphony flowed

backed by a thousand-person choir in
blue tuxedos and flouncy blue gowns

There’s really no end to the
miracles once just a little one comes into focus

Once we see everything fluttering its
miraculous wings

elephants finally look down at us from their
domed heights with

benign approval having always
seen things this way from the


Dust rises as they move off and as its
dirt flakes fall back to earth they

spell out jungle scriptures of such
monumental delicacy whole

populations close their books and
act on their advice of

elegantly symmetrical crystals and
the generous boon given us of

atomic structures by God the Most
Generous Giver

until even the most inert ones on earth
are seen to be dancing

5/11/12 (from Down at the Deep End)

Categories: Poems, Angels