He Comes Running $11

These Poems written within the limits of 6X4 inch pocket-sized pieces of paper (one poem per piece) in Istanbul, Turkey, visiting dervish friends, listening to long-night spiritual talks (sohbets) in (for me) incomprehensible Turkish, in November of 2013. Translations of the ineffable, on cloud strands floating in air? Words out of nowhere?

Sometimes the dawn comes
up so silently you don’t notice
that its tissues of gold have
slid over everything with the
just-as-it-is-ness of everything
placid in its light.

Poem Selection from He Comes Running

He Comes Running (3 poems)



At the dawn call to prayer from
the nearby lovely spindly-minareted
mosque crossing adhans from other
minarets by loudspeakers all the
dogs near and far begin to yip and
howl and bark in chorus as well

Are they Satan’s dogs howling in
disrespect to keep the believers
away or are they God’s dogs
joyously celebrating the calls
and joining in annunciatory glee

extending the call to the dog
world and any other sleepy
canines within the ears’ both
short and triangular or long and floppy
compass of sound?


There were chickens and geese
and strange pointy goose-tongues as
they hacked their greetings or
admonitions at us through the

Then later sheep and straggly
odorless rose bushes and a
bright orange flower with
sheep in the distance

A bare and barren landscape
with dry grasses rough hedges and
bluish mountains in the distance
that Van Gogh with bamboo pens
and sepia and India ink could
bring to vibrant life with quick
stipple strokes and a thousand
heartfelt dots


While awaiting the king’s arrival
seventy foals were born in
a barn filled with illuminated

Three cities submitted to a very
short tyrant’s army because of
the size of the brass buttons on
their uniforms

Hair and nails got longer and the
seasons changed

Little by little a fair outline of the
king emerged and some said
they saw it between the forest
trees and others that they ate
with it just after dawn

Maybe the king was already
with us all along

November, 2013 (from He Comes Running)

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