Nighttime Sessions of Light


for Baji (who heard the geese overhead calling out: Allah! Allah!)

Intense nighttime sessions of Light
spangle the planetary air and the

lunar crescendo yup I said the

lunar crescendo as we
head toward Ramadan’s exit back into

temptation’s roundelay yup I said

temptation’s roundelay that seems to go round and
round though for one blessed

month a year we step off it whether it
grinds to a halt or goes off its

spiraling pivot with sparks
screeching the asphalt as in

“Strangers on a Train” that
catastrophic carousel atilt in extremity

for all Eternity

But a crystally nighttime dome appears and we
look out onto blessed Blakean moonlight

and daytime geese across the sky above us
honk the Divine Name as

clearly as can be as they head toward
Canada in a fine summer rain

and we’re back on earth again

8/26/2011  26 Ramadan (from Ramadan is Burnished Sunrise)

Categories: Poems, Saints / Awliyya, Ramadan / 'Eid, Fasting