An Animal That Contains


An animal that contains
all animals

with or without tusks and
ferocious feet

eyes like semaphores

A human that contains
all humans

powerless and placid
harmonized with

God and everything surrounding
both outwardly and


On a planet that contains
all planets and

planetary bodies
in perfect circulation

around a perfect sun

that contains all
solar systems so deeply

far flung

No breath taken that doesn’t
contain all breaths

No glance that doesn’t
take in that far line of

trees so staunchly
standing up the hill

That mountain range that
contains all terrains

This sky that contains all skies
and this eye

that contains all eyes

seeing only Allah Who
is not and

all things to which

all else is

9/11/15 (from White Noise in This World Silver in the Next)

Categories: Poems