God of the Sliver

O God of the sliver that fells a giant
of the gnat that burrows into the

brain of Nimrod
(such a famous drilling to Glory)

Of a spiraling tornado that flattens towns
but is the DNA’s motion one

spinning spiral inside another

Of a bridge across water so dark
only the blind can cross it with

little consternation

God of antelope and antlers
squid and their inky shields

elephants and their lumbering bulk
humankind with every

weapon in the book
bent on self-destruction

Yet You’ve given into our hearts
the architectural structures of purest

incandescence to establish love zones of
total beneficence

on the sides of hills
in the midst of bomb blast

on this planet in its collision course with
endlessness and the Light You Light

O God Who’s put us in the
deep end to start with

and we must climb to the shallows
to stand knee deep with

saints in their beatitudes as the
churning waters of peacefulness


5/10/12 (from Down at the Deep End)

Categories: Poems, Saints / Awliyya